KIDS (Kids International Dental Service)

For the past 5 years I have been following and documenting the work of an NGO called KIDS a service founded by Dr. Bob Renner and his wife Purobi to bring free dental services to some of the poorest children in Cambodia.

Dr. Bob Renner

The team, consisting of Dental Practitioners and lay support people from many different parts of the world come together once a year in Cambodia to provide these services in and around Phnom Penh. They travel to outlying villages and work very long days to see as many KIDS as they are able to, who otherwise would receive little or no dental care.

Bernie & Barbara, from UK, are regulars and provide the oil to make the engine work

Each child seen is given a full dental inspection by the most experienced Dental Practitioners before being treated with flouride and they going on to have any dental work that has been deemed necessary. The team provides pretty basic dentistry but does refer to local dentist any jobs that cannot be performed on site.

IKMN2250-Edit copy
Robin makes sure all the tools are clean and ready

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Click here to read more about Dr.Bob

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Purobi Philips Renner at Colt
Purobi Philips Renner at Colt (left) with Frida de Boer

Everybody plays their part in this concerto, it never ceases to amaze me how these people fly in on a Sunday and with NO acclimatization time start work on the Monday at 0530 Hrs. Cambodia is hot and takes some getting used too but these guys all just throw in and get the job done.

IKMN4807-Edit copy

They work with the bare minimum of equipment, without the gear that they would normal have, no fancy dentist chair, no electric drills, its more like a ”MASH” unit than a dental clinic.

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Dr. Steve Cohn doing initial assesments

Day 2. KIDS

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