Gear up for the Job

Choosing what gear to take for a specific job is important and I tend to use specific combinations for the different types of job I do.

Reportage/Demos & Street

High quality images are always important to me but in certain situations speed is even more important and unless you can afford high end pro gear that will give both then maybe, like me you need to look at good rather than great image quality and speed. This is where my Nikon 2DHS comes with me.


The camera gives strong images but is only 4MP so smaller jpeg sizes. It is quick and responsive, even in comparison to newer cameras and is built like the proverbial BSH.

In the bag along with this camera goes my Nikkor 28- 85 f3.5 – 4.5, a great lens built strong and takes the potential abuse to be encountered. A cheap 18-55 f3.5 – 5.6G VR kit lens that give super results at a reasonable price (dont be fooled by its cost its a super lens), and an old Nikkor 70-210 f4.




All in all a pretty ruthless and lightweight but bullit proof combination, that gives me the pictures I need and I can carry all day without any problems. The battery life is also great.

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